• My path has been non existant

    Wow so it's been a while since I wrote, and looking back at my last post is surreal when seeing the date of entry!
    BTW it was all cleared up and we became friends again! A kind of here's the rest of the story after the film has finished.

    Unemployment absolutely sucks! And to be honest with you I could have got a job weeks ago but who wants to settle for a shit cleaneing job??
    However I find myself in a job in Italy!! Like WAH AMAZING...

    ...My road is leading me accross mainland europe!

    And it will be an amazing one...

    Promise to be back soon

    xo Jasonpassionboy xo

  • Complete bullshit!!

    What is with this fucking counselling session..."Lets talk about our feelings" What a load of bull!

    We are kidding ourselves into thinking its the environment that we are in isthe reason for the lack of work...No its because theres so much tension that the silence that occurs beings magnified and in doing so consumes our process of work...

    And what happened this morning was a build up of 3 months anger...but now im the bad guy Because I don't pretend to be 'cival' in chats, I'll just be silent on the matter at hand to convey what i truelly feel!!


    xo jasonpassionboy xo

  • Surreal almost a sign...

    I had a surreal email conversation with my lecturer at 2am friday 26th...
    But its almost a sign, a light in a dark room of the unknown.

    The unknown being the 'WTF' am i going to do with my life after uni...
    ...and the dark room being the atmosphere i find myself in, now im ending my student life!

    My mind is on everything...My final Year Project is the most apparent in my thoughts at this time...I will talk to you more about my research and what my f.y.p is about tomorrow! Hope you look forward to it :)

    xo Jasonpassionboy xo

  • A new life for crossthepath

    A pt 2 of anything is never always as good as the first...however due to my laptop being completely shit in every possible way I have to move crossthepath.


    I feel like I have crossthepath and about to crossthe I near to the end of my days as a student that path is coming to a close, and what i see before me is a drop off the curb and onto the road...


    xo Jasonpassionboy xo


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